Bath in Bloom Committee


The Bath in Bloom Committee was formed in 1963 when the Britain in Bloom campaign was first launched.  A group of local businessmen came together to decide how best to decorate the City streets with flowers, in order to take part in the new competition.

At first, money was collected from local traders to pay for the scheme but as time went by, this became too big a task to manage and so the work of planting and watering was passed to Bath City Council.

Bath and North East Somerset Council continues to work in partnership with the volunteers who make up the Bath in Bloom Committee, with the wider community also playing a vital role in the success of the City’s entries.

The membership up of the Committee has evolved over the years to reflect the latest judging criteria and its current members are as follows:
Chair                            Claire Jackson             Bath resident
Vice Chair                    Jane Hill                       Bath resident
Steve Brook                 Bath resident
Stan Hitt MBE              Bath resident
Bill Bailey                     Bath resident
 Peter Turner               Bath resident
Dianna Groom             Bath resident
Tony Hickman              Bath resident
Non voting members and advisors to the committee
Alison Garett                Schools advisor
Matt Soan                    Nursery superintendent
Mark Cassidy               Parks manager
Hon President              Barry Cruse MBE         Bath resident
and advisor