Midsomer Norton

Midsomer Norton in Bloom

Midsomer Norton entered South West in Bloom between 2005 and 2011.  During this time the town achieved two Silver Awards, three Silver Gilt awards and in 2011 a Gold. In 2013 they re entered the competition and won a gold in the new "Pennant" award.

Midsomer Norton has also won six regional, Judges' Discretionary awards:

  • 2006 - Outstanding School Effort - Welton Primary
  • 2007 - Outstanding Contribution by a Youth Group - The Manic Skaterz
  • 2008 - Outstanding Contribution to Environmental Initiative - Old Welton Recycling Station
  • 2010 - Outstanding Effort and Dedication to a Competition Entry
  • 2010 - Local Roots Award for Hanging Basket Bracket Design
  • 2011 – The Serco Cup for Best Community Initiative.

South West in Bloom  2013:

Pennant Award - Village to Small Town,   Gold.

Southwest in Bloom 2014:                       Gold

Southwest in Bloom 2015:  Champion of Champions category  winner,   Gold

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